Allah Ibadat

When people really love Allah, nothing is too much trouble, especially not prayer – because it is during those moments when we can feel really close to Him. In actual fact, we are not any closer to Him during Ibadat than at any other times, for He is always with us, and His ibadat surround us and watch over all the things we do, or are tempted to do, or decide not to do. Some people call them our guardian angels, but they are not exactly guardians in the sense many people think. It’s not just the words and the actions. In our prayer, we take time to remember Allah’s greatness, and the wonder of His created universe and our place in it, and to think about how amazing it is that we even exist, or survive.

Ibadat, serving Allah, does not always come easy. Those who think are that it does have probably been lucky, in that they may not have had to face too much in the way of sufferings and oppression. Going back to Ibadat, it is certainly true that when we pray these times is very special to Allah. Even if a person is not really concentrating, and is just perhaps muttering phrases without a great deal of thought or feeling, Allah is still pleased that they are taking the trouble to go through the motions and rewards it as an act of merit. However, if a person is really using that precious advice time to really feel close to Allah, the reward is a hundredfold.

A Muslim’s Ibadat accepts that which Allah wills, and makes the best of every situation.
And, as I said to start with, our Ibadat is not just our prayers and our fasting it all depended on the Ibadat film. Everything we do out of love for Allah because we are Muslim (or submitted to Allah) is Ibadat, and it bears witness that we are Muslim. He did that because he loved Allah. It bore witness to his Islam. Allah, that you are a Muslim and submitted to Him? Remember that actions always shout louder than words. A person may say ‘I love you’ a million times, but if they ignore you, and are rude, and don’t notice when you are exhausted, you may find it rather hard to believe that they love you. A person may say he or she is a Muslim, and justify it because they pray five times a day and fast in Ramadan – but they might forget (or not even know) that the real Ibadat of Ramadan is in keeping a month of awareness of the presence of Allah and His angels.

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